Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research


The Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research conducts a wide range of epidemiological and clinical research and work related to tuberculosis (TB) control and national tuberculosis surveillance in Japan. Currently we have 5 research staff, and 2 supporting staff.

Our mission

Our mission is to conduct research and works which contribute to national and global efforts in fighting TB.

Our strategy

Our mission

The Department’s three areas of activity are research, development of monitoring tools, and international cooperation.

  • Research: aside from epidemiological research, we also perform operational research, policy studies, and molecular epidemiology studies. Some of our current research topics include smoking and TB, TB among the elderly, TB among the prison population, and TB among foreign-born persons.
    Find out more on our research projects here: Research projects by themes.
  • Development of monitoring tools: we constantly develop and review various indicators to monitor TB control activities at national, prefectural, and local levels.
  • International cooperation: some of our staff are also involved in international projects in countries such as the Philippines and Myanmar.

Organizational Structure

Division of Epidemiological Surveillance

The Division of Epidemiological Surveillance within the Department supports development, improvement and operation of the electronic Japan Tuberculosis Surveillance system (JTBS), by closely working with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The Division also conducts series of analyses of the surveillance data – these are fed-back into action through publishing of monthly and annual statistical reports.

Tuberculosis Surveillance Center

The Department also runs the Tuberculosis Surveillance Center, which is responsible for disseminating our works and other related information, and also for answering enquiries regarding the JTBS and TB statistics, which we receive via phones and through our website.
Find out more: Tuberculosis Surveillance Center


Staff profile

Akihiro Ohkado (Head of Department)
Specializes in: public health, epidemiology, international health
Contact: rit.epi.9305 (atmark)
Kazuhiro Uchimura (Deputy head of Department)
Specializes in: statistics, mathematical epidemiology
Contact: uchimura (atmark)
Yuko Hamaguchi (Scientist, Data Sciences)
Specializes in: epidemiology, Econometrics, Management Engineering and Mathematical Modeling
Contact: yh (atmark)
Sangnim Lee (Scientist, Migration and Health Specialist)
Specializes in: Migration and Health, Global Health, Health Policy
Contact: lee (atmark)
Supporting staff
Kishitsugu Otake (Mr.)
Kazue Isokado (Ms.)

3-1-24 Matsuyama, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo 204-8533 Japan