Centre for JPETS Quality Assessment


Overview and Mission

Centre for Japan Pre-Entry Tuberculosis Screening (JPETS) Quality Assessment was established in April 2020, to assist the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour, Japan, in its operation of Japan’s pre-entry tuberculosis(TB) screening programme. Our Mission is to provide technical support and recommendations based on long-established expertise in TB control both in and outside Japan, and contribute to delivering high-quality pre-entry TB screening for people travelling to Japan.

Our main roles are threefold:
  1. To conduct monitoring and evaluation of panel clinics, and assist clinics to provide high-quality pre-entry TB screening services for their clients,
  2. To respond to inquiries from panel clinics related to JPETS, and
  3. To analyze screening data, publish reports, and share the outcomes and implications with related parties.

About Japan Pre-Entry TB Screening Programme

Japan has introduced the pre-entry TB screening in 2020, as one of the core components of its national TB control programme. It is intended to identify active TB and requests those who wish to stay in Japan for over 3 months as mid- or long-term residents as prescribed in Article 19-3 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, from the following countries: China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Nepal, to undergo TB screening and be issued a TB Screening Clearance Certificate prior to travelling to Japan.

Information for Panel Clinics

Latest JPETS Technical Instruction (version 1.1)(Word)

Weekly Report Form (Excel)

Bi-Annual Report Form (Excel)

Submission of Weekly Report and Bi-annual Report

Submit the Weekly Report and Bi-annual report here

Frequently Asked Questions

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Staff (concurrent post)

Akihiro Ohkado : Head (Head, Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Lisa Kawatsu : Programme Manager (Chief Scientist, Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Kaori Mitsuhashi : Programme Officer
Sangnim Lee : Programme Officer (Health Specialist, Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Yuko Hamaguchi : Programme Officer (Epidemiologist, Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Akiko Takaki : Medical Officer (Division Chief, Bacteriology Division, Department of Mycobacterium Reference and Research)
Takashi Yoshiyama : Medical Officer (Senior Researcher)
Kazuhiro Uchimura : Senior Advisor (Deputy Head, Department of Epidemiology and Clinical Research)
Akiko Imai : Administrative Officer
Saori Kasuya : Administrative Officer
Kishitsugu Otake : Administrative Officer
Kazue Isokado : Administrative Officer


Centre for JPETS Quality Assessment (CJPQA)
Research Institute of Tuberculosis (RIT), Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA)
3-1-24 Kiyose City, Tokyo, Japan, 204-8533
Tel: +81 42 493 5517
Email: center_jpqa@jata.or.jp

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3-1-24 Matsuyama, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo 204-8533 Japan